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Tracking & Analytics

We track and analyse your digital marketing to improve online performance.

Are you currently unsure about what is, and is not currently working online?
You can’t make informed marketing decisions if you are not accessing and evaluating reliable data that measures your online performance.
At Thrive Digital, we help you gain invaluable customer insights from analysing data across your various online channels. From our analysis, we can make timely improvements to your online marketing strategy. We benchmark your performance against others in your industry to enhance the effectiveness of your campaign. This results in high quality traffic being driven to your website, which, in turn, will increase the percentage of online conversions made.

By reviewing your digital marketing, we can help you understand:

  • How traffic is arriving at your site
  • Why people may be leaving specific pages
  • Your website’s performance against industry standards.
  • Determine the relevance of your content to targeted audiences
  • Identify opportunities for website improvements and ultimately improve market share.


Set Goals & KPIs

We help you determine what your goals are, and then set a plan in place to help achieve them. Knowing your goals puts you in a better position to gauge whether you’re on track. We know your goals are likely to change over time and we’re flexible enough to work with you long-term.

Review & Analyse Data

Analysing the wealth of data available for your website means we can make meaningful changes based on facts. We take the time to systematically review the numbers and patterns to see what’s working; performing the data analytics so that you have invaluable insights into how your website is performing.

Compare against Industry Benchmarks

We understand that your business operates in a competitive marketplace. That’s why your online performance is assessed against others in your industry, so you know how well you are positioned against your competitors.

Implement Analytics & Tracking Systems

We install a range of analytics systems in your website and create live dashboards to provide full visibility around the performance of your online marketing. Real-time data allows us to make informed decisions based on the latest information available.

Plan & Implement Optimisations

The point of analysing data is to use it to improve online performance. At Thrive Digital, we have the knowledge and skills to turn data into plans for specific, well thought out changes that improve online performance.

Report On Outcomes & Improvements

We take the myriad of reports and data available and collate them into one simple report each month so you remain in the loop without drowning in the details. Our reporting is focussed on performance against key outcomes, so that you can see noticeable improvements from your online marketing investment.

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